Exhibition Views

Exhibition Views

Fehler #2

Mia Rosasco

Invited by Danh Vo


Opening: Saturday, March 17, 7-9 pm


March 22 – April 14, 2007


Room 1

‘Many people wear clothes simply to keep warm.’

Jacket, hoodie, jeans, scarf, gloves and shoes.


Room 2

Press photo by Tariq Mikkel Khan, taken in my neighborhood, the 16th of December 2006

Copyright POLFOTO

The fee to reproduce and exhibit this image during the current exhibition at Jet is 200€, not including printing costs.


Some years ago I made a small path by walking back and forth everyday over a grassy area in a park next to my home. This was after a period that spawned several political activities, including demonstrations that I hadn’t seen manifested in traces on the streets or in the media. In response, I assigned a press photographer to document my attempted path for a newspaper.


My proposal for Jet is personal and connected to that old intervention. On Friday the 16th of December 2006, a demonstration in my neighborhood turned into a street riot. Many streets were blocked. Several new riots occurred this month, attracting much media attention.


Late Friday that December, after some days of being willingly isolated in my home, I was trying to work on the show for Jet. Not knowing what to do, I was trying to make reference to the term nonperformance, in other words, failure. I ended up having to go out onto the streets in order to buy some food in the nearest late night supermarket. It was cold and moist outside.