JET is an independent exhibition space for the discussion and presentation of artistic and curatorial practices which was founded by Lena Ziese in 2005. Once a year artists and curators from various disciplines develop their own focus on a particular theme which they relate to JET's physical exhibition space.

Besides these themed exhibition series, JET also shows selected individual positions.




exhibition series 2009 Specifics

Specific aspects of painting and drawing.

Two media which were underrepresented in the last years of JET's program.


The 2008 exhibition series was on the theme of adventurers

The shows in the series presented artists whose way of life, whether chosen or imposed, impacts on their artistic practise. We were interested in the points at which art and life coincide in artistic works. In particular, we focused not on positions favouring a symbiosis of art and life as a deliberate, programmatic decision, but on those where aspects of the artist’s own life have become woven into his/her artistic production. The aim was to give as diverse a picture as possible of approaches to life as an artist and the accompanying modes of private life.


2007 Series with exhibitions and concerts entitled FEHLER (Failure/Error/Mistake)

This series questioned the construction of the FEHLER and its categorization within society, considered not as a breach of the rules but as a positive instruction for action. In a variety of ways, a range of phenomena associated with FEHLER were put to productive use, and there was an affirmation and embracing of faulty material.


2006 Exhibition series on the theme of

Was Wäre Wenn (What If?)

This series enquired into visions and alternative scenarios for personal and social problems, combining critical analysis of the present with strategies of action for the future.